Who we are

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Who we are:

Vision natural viagra alternatives

Our vision is to create, promote and sustain wealthy nations through healthy individuals and communities. We aim to promote and sustain individuals and community’s health, facilitate training and equipping health professionals of all cadres in up to date Skills and collaborating with agencies and institutions to reduce health inequalities. farmaco cialis quanto costa


“Evolving to meet our clients needs”  musadik malik viagra

Established years ago Femta Medical Services has grown from a small start-up clinic to an organisation that provides a variety of services within the health care industry.

We carefully utilize the science of providing Healthcare and consulting services to healthcare leaders, staff and patients. We work hand in hand with key medical and industry professionals.

Our consultants and workforce are well versed in the latest medical management techniques and latest market trends.

Built on the cornerstone of hard work and Mid-western ethics, Femta has assisted hundreds of medical practices across the country and has quickly evolved into one of the premier Medical health centre in the UK. Our reputation in the medical industry is built around three core competencies:



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Dr Philip Abiola

Under the Leadership of Dr Philip Abiola Femtamedical has grown to be a reputable healthcare service provider with a touch of excellence.

Dr Philip Abiola is currently a practicing Primary Care Physician in London, United Kingdom. He qualified as a doctor from the Obafemi Awolowo University (formerly University of Ife) Western Nigeria in 1987. After practicing for few years in Nigeria, he moved to the United Kingdom where he has practiced for more than two decades, with extensive hospital experience in internal medicine before training to be a General Practitioner and has successfully established a leading practice in East London. experiencia de quem ja tomou viagra

He has many postgraduate qualifications including the prestigious membership of The Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) of London, Royal College of Physicians of United Kingdom (MRCP-UK), Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP), Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (DGM) of the Royal College of Physicians and Diploma in Diabetes from the University of Leicester. He is an accomplished teacher and was an Educational Supervisor in the teaching of Postgraduate doctors.

He has extensive Board level management experience, including governing board membership of the Newham Primary Care Trust, Newham Health Partnership and First For Health, a federation of primary care providers organisation. He has been the Clinical Lead for Cancer for Newham for more than 10 years and has led many innovative projects in this area. He is a renown well sought after Public Speaker and popular television Health Commentator. He serves as an Expert advisor to The Frontier Strategy Group live poultry chicago cialis

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